Moved in Noir is an audiovisual/movement performance exploring themes of liminal space, queer identities, and the concept of “noir”. The performance is a collaboration between audiovisual artist Senem Pirler, and choreographers / performance artists Malin Andreasson and Delphina Parenti. The piece was created by removing the male protagonist from the film-noir movies and constructing a love story between two characters: Gilda (1946) and Phyllis of the Double Indemnity (1944).

The soundtrack consisted of layered sounds: processed film-noir soundtracks, dancers’ movements captured by hidden microphones, and reproduced with an Ambisonics loudspeaker array.

Video: Excerpt from Moved In Noir (Documentation)

image Noir2 image Noir3 image Noir4

Creative Director / Video & Sound Design: Senem Pirler Choreographers / Performance Artists: Malin Andreasson & Delphina Parenti Light Design: Tuce Yasak Camera 1: Kathy High Camera 2: Michelle Temple`