Moved in Light is a performance/installation that examines objects and their properties in relationship to a queer identity and a utopian queer space. This piece is a collaborative project with movement artist Hana van der Kolk, light artist Tuce Yasak, and audiovisual artist Senem Pirler.

Moved in Light is an exploration of “queer” objects (in this case, abandoned/unwanted objects that were found in an abandoned factory) and their connection with queer identities that have “failed” to be a part of the reproduction process.

3D sound was achieved by using Ambisonic recordings and their post-processed versions. The decoded Ambisonic channels were reproduced by utilizing a 16-loudspeaker array: quad configuration for height and floor level, and octagon configuration on ear.

Video: Excerpt from Moved In Light (Documentation)

Video: Excerpt from Moved In Light (HD Projected Video & Documentation)

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Video & Sound Design: Senem Pirler Choreography: Hana van der Kolk Light Design: Tuce Yasak