Aimee Norwich - Forward to Nowhere

Music: Aimee Norwich

Album: Forward to Nowhere

Listen: “Ridin’”

Format: CD, Digital Download

Country: US

Released: October 2013

Genre: Experimental Rock with Jazz, Classical and Noise elements.

‘Forward to Nowhere’ is produced using 3D recording techniques, random number generators, vintage analog synthesis, capturing and/or manipulating piccolo bass harmonics, and using improvised drum compositions.

This album is produced in stereo, 3D audio (Ambisonic), and audiovisual format as a part of the masters thesis titled “Electroacoustic Music and Abstract Moving Images: Recording Techniques to Produce an Immersive Soundtrack” by Senem Pirler.

The thesis is submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the for the Stephen F. Temmer Tonmeister Honors Track of Master of Music in Music Technology in the Department of Music and Performing Arts Professions in The Steinhardt School.

Video: “All Blues” - Stereo Mix with Moving Images

Album Liner Notes:

Recorded, Mixed, and Produced by: Senem Pirler and Aimee Norwich Mastering by: Paul Geluso Video: Phillip Stearns

Drums: Ian Cook Clarinet on Giant Steps & All Blues: Laura W. Dickens Piano on Child: Art Hirahara Cello: Valerie Kuehne Alto Sax, Clarinet on Flying: Mike McGinnis Vocals, Fretless Bass, Piccolo Bass, Hybrid Bass: Aimee Norwich Prepared Piano on Flying, Giant Steps, All Blues: Senem Pirler Trombone: Kevin Schmidt Accordion: Sarah Starpoli Percussion: Mike Truesdell